What We Do

DroneAdda aims to become a leader in global drone tech and hardware manufacturing. We design and fabricate hardware technologies needed by the drone industry for both local and global demand fulfillment with a "Make-In-India" approach whilst maintaining highest quality standards.

Receiver - Made In India

  • Drone Adda Build Drones


    Whether you are an enthusiast or a business looking to build a drone, at DroneAdda, we have the perfect parts for you! Backed by our Warranties and services, We guarantee you peace of mind.

  • Innovate

    At DroneAdda, we believe in continuous innovation to bring out the latest and greatest in tech for our consumers. We are ensuring that your drones always have the absolute in quality and reliability.

  • Drone Adda Educate


    Need help? Talk to us!

    Our impeccable service solves all your pre and post-sales problems. Whether it is about choosing the right parts or helping you build your drone. We've got you covered :)

  • Up to 15 Kms range
  • WiFi updates and configuration
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Super high refresh rate
  • Compact form factor

For Dealership, please contact us at support@thedroneadda.in